Treasure Chests : The Legacy of Extraordinary Boxes

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A highly visual guided tour of the world's most ancient and enduring furniture form - the chest - this book includes fascinating historical examples as well as outstanding modern chests. A chest is more than a big box to store blankets. From time immemorial, people have used chests to protect their greatest valuables. The treasure in these chests ranges from jewellery, silver, and money to heirloom blankets and precious historical artifacts. But the real treasure is the chests themselves. Each one is remarkable either for beauty of design and execution, historical significance, or because it is one of the best examples of its kind. Each of these items of furniture has a story to tell.
Sulfur inlay is a rarely used technique for decorative surface inlay in wooden cabinetmaking. The technique originates in the 18th century, but was only used for a short period. Between 1765 and around 1820, German immigrant cabinetmakers in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania used it to decorate the surface of chests. Treasure Chests : The Legacy of Extraordinary Boxes Image
AUTHOR Lon Schleining
FILENAME Treasure Chests : The Legacy of Extraordinary Boxes.pdf
PUBLISH DATE 25 Apr 2002

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Treasure Chests traces the fascinating evolution of the boxes that have held the things that people valued most throughout history. For thousands of years, chests have gone to war and to sea, journeyed with us across entire continents, and protected the possessions we hold most dear in our very own homes.

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Treasure Chests in SMITE are a feature that was introduced with SMITE Version 1.0.2247, which released on August 7, 2014.They are a way to spend Gems and try your luck to get rare or unique Cosmetic Items that can't be obtained in any other way and to obtain cosmetics at a discounted price.


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