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Describes indigenous plants and wildlife and notes the economic and recreational importance of the bayous.
The Texas Bayous are in the Gulf Coast region of the state. Bayous Image
AUTHOR Arthur Best
FILENAME Bayous.pdf
PUBLISH DATE 15 Jan 2018

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bayou (bī`ō, bī`o͞o) [Louisiana Fr.; from Choctaw bayuk=small stream], term used mainly in U.S. Gulf states, especially Louisiana and Mississippi, to describe a stationary or sluggishly moving body of water that was once part of a lake, river, or gulf and is swampy or marshy in nature.

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[Louisiana French bayouque, bayou, ultimately (probably via Mobilian Jargon, a pidgin based on Choctaw and Chickasaw used along the Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico from colonial times until the 1900s) from Choctaw bayuk, creek, river forming part of a delta.]


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